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Do you need Recertification Units?
If you’ve missed our live webinars, you can watch our archived videos and claim RU credit in the Multimedia category. Note – if you previously claimed RUs for the live webinar, watching the archived content is not eligible for additional credit.The Multimedia category awards .025 RU/15 minutes. To review our archived videos, log into MyASQ and visit our Resources page. Our recent webinar on Anticipating Disruption in Supply Chain with Russ Snyder has been posted to this page to download.

ASQ Section 0707 Members,

If you are wondering why you are not receiving e-mails related to our section activities (e.g. membership meetings), it is possible that you may be opted out of the e-mails per the default ASQ member setting. You can review your account settings after logging into the main site. Please feel free to contact us through the CONTACT tab to let us know if you are still not receiving any membership meeting notifications.

Best Regards,

ASQ Section 0707 Leadership Committee