ASQ Tucson Old Pueblo Section (TOPS)

The American Society for Quality (ASQ) has been the leading quality improvement organization in the United States for more than 50 years. Its members have initiated most of the quality methods used throughout the world, including statistical process control, quality cost measurement and control, total quality management, failure analysis, and zero defects.

Upcoming Events

ASQ Southern California Quality Conference – “Building and Sustaining Quality Cultures”
Nov 8 all-day

The Los Angeles Section 700, San Gabriel Section 702, and San Fernando Valley Section 706 have once again partner to bring you the 7th Annual So Cal Quality  conference. The theme is “Building and Sustaining Quality Cultures”.

Please see attached documents for event information and registration for the pre-conference workshops on November 7th and the conference on November 8th.

SCQC Program Plan

Registration Flyer 2014

Southern California Quality Conference 2014 Program Plan

2014 National Quality Education Conference @ Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
Nov 16 – Nov 17 all-day

2014 NEQC

Innovation for System-Wide Improvement and Beyond

School systems and universities have come under increasing scrutiny to demonstrate achievements and improvement in everything from test scores to degree completion. Many K-12 and post-secondary institutions have derived innovative ways to address the myriad challenges they face, and they also stretch beyond their own boundaries to share their learnings with others. When educational excellence is shared among districts, regions, and nations, all of these entities benefit. Learn methods to improve outcomes and build sustainability in your PK-12 districts and institutions of Higher Education at this year’s National Quality Education Conference. International educators and educators within the United States who have shared their improvement practices beyond their districts or colleges are encouraged to share their best practices.

2015 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference @ Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs
Mar 2 – Mar 3 all-day

2015 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference

Leading the Quality Journey Through Lean and Six Sigma

The quality journey is something that exists upon a continuum of excellence, and all organizations contend with it. Every organization remains in a state of constant motion—moving closer to or further away from the excellence they seek. The quality journey provides an opportunity for organizations to achieve the goals and level of excellence toward which they strive. This journey is one of many stages, and each presents challenges and circumstances that lean and Six Sigma methodologies can address.

The efforts made to embrace and implement lean and Six Sigma tools and methodologies can produce results along this journey, but those results need to be sustained. Solidifying those results is often a challenge that requires commitment and the development of a culture that supports continuous improvement, matches accountability with empowerment, and inspires innovation.

2015 World Conference on Quality and Improvement @ Gaylord Opryland Resort
May 4 – May 6 all-day


Transforming the World Through Innovation, Inspiration, and Leadership

The quality journey is one that all organizations travel. Whether consciously or unconsciously, under the title of quality or something else, all organizations use and need quality. As competition and the complexity of the global market grow, more and more organizations are embracing the need to think differently and inspire their employees. Some look to grow the number of tools and techniques at their disposal so that they may find the solutions they seek. Others may search for implementation strategies that produce the best results, and still others may look for methods to sustain the results they’ve already achieved. Those organizations that are most established in their journey understand that the key to their success lies within the culture of their organization. They have found ways to establish, transform, and sustain work environments in which innovation is fostered, leadership is shared, and all are aligned to a common vision. They have seen the results that these cultures produce and the creativity they inspire. They have discovered the key to establishing a culture of quality.

The influence quality has today is broader than in any other time in history. The ability it has to transform organizations and communities continues to be demonstrated in a growing number of ways. It is within this setting that the 2015 World Conference on Quality and Improvement offers a forum of ideas and an international network of thought leaders, experts, and peers who are eager to share their best practices, tested solutions, and proven results.


Section News

We give away 3 Prizes to the students.

Dates, Times and Directions
Sign up Between Jan. 1, 2015 and March 5, 2015:

Judging Day is Tuesday, March 10, 2015

7:30 a.m.: Meet your team! Judges, please arrive before this time to ensure you have adequate time to meet your judging team — and to enjoy the delicious, hearty breakfast that we serve in thanks for your time.

8 a.m.: Judging instructions: There is a new chief judge (Liz Baker) who will have specific directions that include some new categories and procedures. Upon completion of instructions, teams will break into sub-teams to begin initial judging of projects.

10:30 a.m.: Begin the final stages caucusing for Grades K-8. Visit projects in question, or contenders.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Interviews: ALL “grand award” and “sponsored” judges will need to stop what they are doing and interview a minimum of three middle school students during this time period. These interviews are for practice only, and will not affect results but they are very important for teaching students how to speak to professionals and answer spontaneously. Since we only keep the middle school students available for one hour, we need all of your help to make them feel special and support them. Do be kind!

12:15 p.m.: Lunch is served.

1-4:30 p.m.: Interviews with high school students (for high school level judges only.) All others may leave once their team has completed judging — and turned in results before leaving!

IMPORTANT: All judging results (for sponsored and grand awards) must be turned into the HUB before 4:30 p.m.!

Please come downtown to the Tucson Convention Center, 260 S. Church Ave. You can access the area easily via Interstate 10, Broadway, or Stone Avenue.

Removing the Lid: Management Barriers That Steal Profit and Prevent Change and Optimization

How many times have you done your best to lead teams, manage projects or implement change… only to encounter a barrier that stopped your process? What really happened? Change “collided” with the management system! At that moment, the financial and cultural risk for change shifted to management! Management’s response 1) captured gains and promoted change OR 2) forfeited gains and hindered change… there was no middle ground.

This is one of several new concepts that will be shared from a 3-year study of management barriers to change and optimization. These barriers can be removed, starting with a new awareness of their impact on profit, culture and change. Management holds the key! This content is designed for all levels of management (including executives) and quality professionals.


Kay Sever is a certified management consultant, change coach, thought leader and author that specializes in breakthrough change. Her work in barrier removal is ground-breaking because it addresses the root causes of costly barriers overlooked for decades. Because management barriers are the toughest to remove, Kay created “3RD Stage Management”, the world’s first interactive barrier removal training for management teams. Kay graduated from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and is Founder and President of OptimiZ Consulting LLC. She has written 3 books and over 60 articles that expose management barriers to change and offer new perspectives that enable companies to capture the full potential of their assets and people.

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We are starting to plan for 2015 and are looking for more volunteers to help the organization to run. If you would help please reply to [email protected]

If you have any suggestions for speakers and topics please let us know we are currently planning the fall and spring membership meetings.

Please make nominations or suggestions or volunteer for positions in ASQ.  Please return this to me ASAP  @  [email protected]

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Thanks you all for your time and talents

Patricia Gorman Current

Hello Fellow ASQ Certified Professionals,

In case we have not yet met at a recent ASQ function, please let me introduce myself. My name is Ron Gryniewicz, and I am the new Education Chair for ASQ-Tucson Chapter. ASQ-Tucson has not had an Education Chair or a schedule of educational courses for some time; the ASQ-Tucson Board and I would like to change that fact. However, before we can offer classes, we need to fill our “bullpen” with capable instructors.

If you are interested in joining ASQ Tucson’s team of instructors, please complete the Instructor Application and submit it to me. In addition, please provide a summary of your credentials or experience in teaching, presenting seminars/workshops, and other similar information.

Do feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have.

Ron Gryniewicz
ASQ-Tucson Education Chair


Pima Community College Downtown Campus has been reserved for our 2014 Certification Testing.
Testing will be held on the following Saturdays:

  • June 7,2014
  • October 4,2014
  • December 6, 2014

Testing will be held in the Amethyst room of the Pima downtown campus.

You can view the PCC Campus Map and select Downtown Campus for information regarding parking and location.

Please visit to apply for a certification testing exam. The central ASQ site has all the information about each exam, including application deadlines, exam dates, and test sites.

Good Luck!